Is There a Chance to Own Some of the Rembrandt Paintings?

Rembrandt is one of the most famous painters in the history of mankind. His work changed the course of painting and created a whole new direction in art. Some of Rembrandt paintings are priceless and there’s no chance for a normal person to buy them. Even if someone decides to sell them, which is unlikely, they would probably worth a couple of hundred million US dollars.

Harmenszoon Van Rijn Rembrandt, or better known just as Rembrandt, is a Dutch painter that lived in the 1600s and is considered as one of the best baroque painters. His works remain absolutely amazing until this day. His way of painting portraits is stunning and he is considered as probably the best when portraits are in question. Learn more about Rembrandt here.

Rembrandt’s fan base today enjoy his love for painting self-portraits. This habit of his created a clear picture of the aging process he was going through. From the early ’20s until his death, there are tens of self-portraits. We can clearly see the transformation from a boy through an adult and into an old person. Rembrandt remains as one of the authors whose pictures are most wanted on the market.

The most expensive painting of Rembrandt is the one sold in 2015 for 190 million dollars. The owner, the Rothschild family sold it to the Rijksmuseum and the Louvre. The pendant portraits of Maerten Soolmans Oopjen Coppit painted in 1634 is the picture that is officially the most expensive Rembrandt’s painting. However, if some of his most notable works hit the market, they will most probably become the most expensive one ever sold. The one we already mentioned is number 8 on the list of most expensive paintings in the world. Here’s a list of his paintings and who owns them:

With all this in mind, one will probably think that there’s no way to ever own a Rembrandt painting. It may be true unless you’re a billionaire with a passion for art. For everyone else, this is just a dream.

However, Rembrandt’s work is famous and notable because of the extremely beautiful way of showing what his eyes used to see. He didn’t only paint portraits, but that is what he loved doing the most. And the way he made them is extraordinary. His portraits and self-portraits show how people looked back in the day. They were made to perfection. The face, the clothes, the style, it is a true anthropology lecture for everyone, but it is also a glorious piece of art that is simply amazing.

If you’re one of those people that admires Rembrandt’s work and love to have some of his works at home, there’s still a way to do it. No, you can’t get to the originals, but you can order replicas of some of his works that you love the most. Professional painters are skilled to recreate every picture of Rembrandt. There are studios that are specialized in Rembrandt’s work and made a lot of his painting that looks exactly like the original. They offer full artwork source of his paintings. You can actually order any painting you like, and they will make it for you in the size you prefer.

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